May Day Flash Effect

Sobre doble (15 ml x 2); 25 sobres (1 estuche)

Immediate bi-phase repair treatment with hydrolyzed keratin and guarana.

285,40 IVA incluido

Immediate bi-phase repair treatment, for healthy and beautiful hair.

Mix both phases vigorously in a bowl until a uniform emulsion is obtained. Wash and rinse the hair, remove excess moisture and apply the entire product, coating the hair from root to ends and lightly massaging the scalp. Leave to act for 7-10 minutes and rinse once more. Finally, dry the hair in the usual manner (hairdryer, flat iron or natural).

Contains hydrolyzed keratin and guarana, stimulating hair growth and giving it a stronger and healthier appearance.

- It provides the hair fibers with body and an even appearance
- Conditions and makes hair easier to brush
- Immediate regeneration
- Rejuvenates the hair
- Provides elasticity
- Anti frizz control
- Split ends repair
- Stimulates hair growth


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